Drive increased customer satisfaction and program participation

FirstFuel's transformative customer intelligence platform helps regulated utilities and municipalities improve outcomes across key customer facing initiatives. Our advanced analytics transform existing customer data into valuable, actionable insights that reduce service costs, enhance satisfaction, and accelerate uptake in demand management programs.

Reduce sales cycle up to 3x
Improve program conversion up to 2x
Increase time spent on website by up to 2X

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Delivering data across every channel

FirstFuel's software-as-a-service (SaaS) products drive personalized insights and messages through every business customer channel - web, direct marketing, phone, direct account management, and sales. This helps utilities to improve energy awareness, deepen relationships, and drive action across a much broader set of customers.

"FirstFuel's tools resulted in better customer engagement, improved program conversion, and multiple operational efficiencies."
Senior Manager, IDSM and Lead Generation, Large Western Utility

Engaging energy efficiency

We help utilities connect their offers to real customer needs, making energy savings faster, easier, and more transparent. Our products drive faster project uptake by dramatically increasing the number of customers your account and program teams can reach while creating more impactful interactions that deepen the value of energy projects.