Key intelligence and software to engage all commercial energy customers

From managing energy demand to creating new revenue to becoming your customers' trusted energy advisor, we have your solution. FirstFuel's products are built on our leading customer intelligence platform to deliver reliable, cost-effective results at scale.

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Do you really know your business customers?

FirstFuel's solutions empower you to provide the most impactful personalized experience for your customers. The easy to navigate software solutions will give your customers access to all of their energy information and your proposed energy efficiency recommendations. Informed customers are more satisfied customers, resulting in energy savings for them and bottom-line savings for you.

Our platform leverages data to answer meaningful questions such as:

Customer Profile:

Who is the customer? What business are they in? Where are they located and what kinds of buildings or spaces do they use?

Customer Interaction:

How to interact with the customer in the business language they understand? – e.g. converting kw/kwh into business specific metrics.

Customer Opportunity:

Which products, services, programs or offers are most applicable to them? What is the potential value for a customer?

Customer Energy Use:

How does each customer use energy? What do they spend?

Customer Behavior:

Who is more or less likely to act on a particular offer?