Cloud-based customer engagement platform for the global utility industry to deliver the next-generation customer experience.


FirstFuel’s SaaS platform combines advanced building science, data science, and cloud-based software expertise to generate customer intelligence for use across the core channels that utilities use to engage with their customers. These insights are flexibly delivered through native applications or integrated within existing software investments to improve every customer touchpoint, from web and mobile self-service to account management and service interactions.



Data discovery. FirstFuel’s meter-to-building mapping process transforms interval and monthly meter data, billing data, and account metadata into a whole-building view of every customer – and then enhances it through proprietary techniques and available third-party data. Utilities get a complete picture of their entire customer base and a comprehensive profile of each individual customer, often for the first time.




Raw data into real insights. FirstFuel’s advanced analytics engines interpret each customer’s energy patterns and building characteristics to determine key insights such as weather responses, occupancy patterns, and energy end uses. The platform uses these unique signatures to identify building-specific energy efficiency, DER, electrification, and rate plan recommendations to help customers better manage their energy use and cost.

Utilities use these personalized insights to serve as a trusted energy advisor to their customers and achieve their customer satisfaction, service and program adoption goals. For retailers, this translates to keeping the customers they have and reaching ones they don’t.



Secure and scalable SaaS. The FirstFuel platform and its SaaS applications are hosted in the cloud through Amazon Web Services. Proven to scale seamlessly across millions of meters and customers, with stringent, industry-leading security protocols in place, FirstFuel helps you reach all of your customers without sacrificing system performance or data privacy. Each quarterly release provides ongoing platform enhancements which undergo extensive performance and security testing before being deployed to our client base. In addition, FirstFuel undergoes annual third-party security reviews and re-certifications – providing utilities with the security, performance, and reliability required in an increasingly complex digital world.





Insights integrated into your existing tools. FirstFuel’s insights can be integrated into internal- and customer-facing applications to enhance the value of your existing software investments. FirstFuel provides the same experience and intelligence across multiple channels and devices to internal teams and customers alike.