E.ON UK Launches Ground-Breaking Energy Toolkit Using FirstFuel’s Solutions to Engage and Empower UK Businesses

The key to smart energy management is knowing how you’re using it, which is why E.ON UK has created the Energy Toolkit. E.ON_Screenshot_FEPowered by FirstFuel’s analytics-enabled energy intelligence platform, the Energy Toolkit empowers E.ON’s small and medium business customers to make informed decisions about energy use.

E.ON, one of the UK’s leading energy providers, reached out to their customers to find out what problems they were facing and found that most small and medium-sized businesses struggle to manage their energy costs and usage. The tools which have long been available to larger commercial and industrial customers are outside the budgets for smaller businesses. Recognizing this need, E.ON UK developed the Energy Toolkit for their small and mid-sized business customers. According to Anthony Ainsworth, Business Energy Director at E.ON UK, “helping firms to manage their energy use in a simple and relevant way is crucial in our efforts to become our customers’ trusted energy partner.” FirstFuel is helping them achieve that goal by providing provide their customers with specific, actionable ways to save money on energy costs and optimize their energy performance.

Whether a business rents or owns their property, our web portal provides recommendations on ways to use energy more efficiently. FirstFuel’s past research shows that knowing how one is using energy can identify potential savings, many of them no-to-low-cost to implement, that can save a business owner approximately 15% of his or her energy bill. Click on the screenshot (at right) for an example of what E.ON’s customers see.

Here is some more information on how the Energy Toolkit will help E.ON’s small and medium-sized business customers:


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